Welcome to launderette Cyberwash!

The only launderette in Europe where you can wash, dry, tan and surf the net!

Opening times: 7 days a week from 06.00 until 22.00.

But...if you're in before 22.00 you have until 23.00 to finish you're washing!


Cyberwash offers eight washing machines in five different sizes for a laundry load of 6, 8, 10, 13 or 16 kilos. This way you'll always have a machine to suit your washing needs. Half an hour later your washing will come out looking squeeky clean!

Washing powder

You're allowed to bring your own washing powder but you also have the possibiliy to buy it here. We have an automatic soap machine with special detergents (washing powder, washing liquid and softener) for professional usage.


Due to our large sized tumble driers your washing will be dry within 15 20 minutes. If you fold your washing immediatly, you won't need to iron either!!


On the location Amsterdamsestraatweg is a solarium available. If your skin is not quite used to sunbed tanning, it's best to start easy! We find it very important that tanning is performed in a healthy and safe way. That' s why we are member of the Vereniging Samenwerking Verantwoord Zonnen (Association of Responsible Suntanning). We can give you a (free) advise how to use the tanningbed safety.


There are two internetcorners available! The computers are a.o equipped with Windows XP, webcam and MSN Messenger. A special protectionsoftware has been installed to ensure that your data is erased after logging out. If you forget to log out, your data will be automatically erased after 3 minutes!

Payment methods

Everything is organised throug a central payment system. This sytem allows you to pay in coins from € 0,10 and with paper money up to € 20,00.
You will find a cash machine near both locations.

User directions

all machines are provided with clear instructions, even in English! The English text has been rendered in blue. Follow these instructions step by step.


clear instructions on how to use the bed can be found on the door to the solarium.


Own means of transportation: click here for an itinerary.

Public transportation:

Amsterdamsestraatweg: From Centraal Station: bus service 3 in the direction of Zuilen.
Get out at "Amsterdamsestraatweg/de Plantage".
Walk a short distance back into town (about 2 minutes)



Amsterdamsestraatweg 237 A, 3551 CC Utrecht. Telephone: 030-2459077

Rijnlaan 44, Utrecht. Telephone: 030-2459077